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Understanding Your Move: Shipping Costs Understanding Your Move: Shipping Costs
Shipping Costs
Estimation & Quotation
Packing & Loading
Types of Forwarding
Transit Time for the Goods
Shipping Costs
Payment for Services
The quote You receive will detail the charges for packing and transportation of Your belongings.

All other removal related expenses to plan might include:
  • Customs duties and taxes
  • Possible storage of Your belongings at origin and/or destination
  • Shipping of your personal owned vehicle and the customs duties and taxes
Some services, however, will not be calculated. Those not normally included might be:
  • Extra pick up and delivery
  • Shuttle deliveries
  • Delivery over 2nd floor without elevator
  • Parking permit and fees for difficult access
  • Additional insurance
  • Charges for customs bonded storage, extra handling and other terminal and/or port charges caused by non-complete customs documentation or late supplied customs documentation.
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