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Arriving at Destination: Settling In Arriving at Destination: Settling In
settling In
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Life in a foreign land might be invigorating or frustrating, depending on Your expectations and preparations. Information and organization are essential when starting over in a new country.
Because You need information, remember to use TOP MOVERS and his Contracted Connected Partners as Your resources, a Consulate or Embassy of Your destination country, Customs Offices both at origin at destination, as well as The Internet or Your public Library.

Accustom Yourself and Your family with the lifestyle, Currency and language of the destination BEFORE YOU GO. This will put You at effortlessness and give You greater self confidence as You settle in to Your new surroundings. Resist to urge to make snap judgments of Your new home Country and its people and to make comparison to home.
Appreciate and be sensitive to cultural differentiations. Above all, have a positive attitude and realistic expectations. View the experience as an adventure that will expand Your horizons.
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